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Advantage for Cats under 4kg

Advantage for Cats under 4kg

Advantage Kills Fleas on your Cat - FAST!

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Product Description

Advantage Kills Fleas on your Cat - FAST!

Advantage stops fleas from biting your cat within 3 - 5 minutes. It's the only product to kill fleas on contact without them having to bite first.

Other great benefits of Advantage for Cats

  • It's waterproof  - Advantage remains effective following soap free shampooing, bathing or exposure to rain
  • Lasts for a full month after application
  • Easy to apply - Simply squeeze the dose onto the back of your cat's neck. Advantage then spreads across the skin and through the coat where it continues to kill fleas which come in contact with your cat for a full month
  • Safe for kittens. Advantage can be used on kittens from day one. It can also be used on pregnant and lactating cats.

In fact - Advantage is so safe, it can be used on your pet rabbit and ferrets too!
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Pack sizes:

Advantage for cats comes in convenient 4 and 6 month packs and 2 sizes:

  • For Cats and Kittens under 4kg and
  • For large cats over 4kg

Acive Ingredients:

100g/L imidacloprid



More Information

Advantage for Dogs and Cats Instructions

The Vet’s Recommendation

Please use the correct size pipette for your cat / kittens weight. Each pipette contains a tiny amount of product calculated for a specific body weight.

It is impossible to divide such a small amount so please do NOT share the contents of one pipette between cats.

Size Size info
4pk 4 Individual Pipettes 4 Months Supply
6pk 6 Individual Pipettes 6 Months Supply
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We strongly recommend this product be used under the guidance of your vet./p>


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