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Advantix for Dogs over 25kg

Advantix for Dogs over 25kg

Advantix is a topical spot-on for dogs for the control of ticks (brown ticks, bush ticks and paralysis ticks) and fleas.

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Product Description

Advantix is a topical spot-on for dogs for the control of ticks (brown ticks, bush ticks and paralysis ticks) and fleas. It also repels nasty biting sandflies and mosquitos.

One application lasts for a whole month - but take note: only 2 weeks for Paralysis Ticks.

(For continued protection form Paralysis Ticks, you must apply Advantix every 2 weeks throughout the danger period)

Advantix Repels and Kills Deadly Paralysis Ticks.

A single adult paralysis tick can paralyse and even kill your dog. Advantix repel and kills these nasty parasites.

Advantix Repels and Kills Brown Dog Ticks and Bush Ticks.

Brown dog ticks can devlop into an overwhelming problem in your surroundings - even in your house. Advantix repels and kills these critters as well the Bush Tick.

Advantix Kills Fleas and Flea Larvae fast!

Advantix stops fleas from feeding within 3 - 5 minutes after contact. Within 12 hours of application, 98 - 100% of Fleas are dead!

Best of all - the fleas don't even have to bite your dog to be affected. This is good news for dogs allergic to flea bites.

Advantix Repels and Kills Mosquitos and Sandlflies.

Mosquitos and sandflies are just as irritating to your dog as they are to you. Advantix will protect your dog from these biting pests.


Puppies can be treated with Advantix from 7 weeks of age. Consult your vet before applying Advantix to a sick or delbilitated dog.

Advantix can be safely applied to pregnant and lactating bitches.

And most important of all: - DO NOT APPLY ADVANTIX TO CATS!
Advantix for Dogs. Do not use on cats.

In fact, do not permit cats to actively groom or be in close contact with a recently treated dog. (Allow at least 12 hours after application before allowing your cat to come in contact with your dog)

Advantix for Dogs - Label.

Active ingredients:

  • 100g/L imidacloprid
  • 500g/L permethrin (dangerous for cats)

The Vet’s Recommendation

Please read the Product safety and application instructions before applying Advantix.

For use only on dogs - no other species.

If your cat needs to be protected against fleas, we recommend using Advantage for cats for this purpose.

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3pk 3 individual Pipettes
6pk 6 Individual Pipettes
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We strongly recommend this product be used under the guidance of your vet./p>


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