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Comfy Cone

Comfy Cone - A halo of love for your pet.

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Comfy Cone - A halo of love for your pet. Now you can do away with hard plastic, uncomfortable e - collars and allow your pet to heal in comfort.

Better than the plastic Elizabethan collar, the Comfy Cone is made from nylon fabric laminated onto foam making it soft and yielding while remaining sturdy and protective. Being solid material, your pet will no longer be chasing "ghosts" in their peripheral vision making them more relaxed so they can heal quicker.

The Comfy Cone can be folded back to allow pets to eat and drink in comfort or to allow checking of wounds. It is water resistant and wipes clean easily.

With its reflective binding you will never lose your pet in the dark again.

Hey - and if you feel the Comfy Cone is a little plain for your liking, you can always jazz it up with some waterproof markers.

The Comfy Cone Story

The Comfy cone came into existence when Sabre refused to wear a plastic Elizabethan collar, however he needed something to prevent him from getting to his damaged tail. Desperate for a solution, his owners made a collar from a foam exercise mat.

From these humble beginnings and with veterinary advice, the Comfy Cone was born,

Once the design was considered ideal, it was rigourously tested using some of America's worse Elizabethan collar patients. When the Comfy Cone stood up to this challenge, it was then produced for all animals to be able to heal in comfort.

The Comfy cone has been well and truly veterinary tested and approved and works in America.

It is now available in Australia for Australian pets to make their journey back to perfect health much easier.


  • Can be used over and over again
  • Soft and pliable for added comfort - won't husrt your dog when it bumps into a wall
  • Allows eating and drinking just by folding back - no need to remove unlike the plastic e - collars
  • Better accepted by pets than plastic than e - collars

Oh and did we forget to mention? - Comfy Cone is great for Cats too!


  • X Small - neck to snout length 11cm
  • Small - neck size 20 - 25cm, neck to snout length 14cm
  • Medium - neck size 30 - 37.5cm, neck to snout length 20cm
  • Large - neck size 35 - 55cm, neck to snout length 25cm
  • X Large - neck size 52.5 - 62.5cm, neck to snout length 30cm


Tan Colour only

How to choose the right size Comfy Cone for your dog


How to Correctly fit your Comfy Cone

Different Uses for your Comfy Cone


All Four Paws - U.S.A.

The Vet’s Recommendation

Size Size info
Small Neck size 20 - 25cm. Neck to snout 14cm
Large Neck size 35 - 55cm. Neck to snout length 25cm
X Large Neck size 52.5 - 62.5cm. Neck to snout length 30cm
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We strongly recommend this product be used under the guidance of your vet./p>


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