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Want to Win a Canny Collar for Your Dog?

Does your dog  make walking on the lead a real nightmare? If so – we need you. Help us Road Test the CANNY COLLAR and Win! We ‘re real keen to get some before and after videos (yes videos) of … Continue reading


What is ‘Pruritus’?

Itching, Scratching, Licking, Biting, Rubbing, Chewing ……. that’s what it means Basically – it’s defined as an ‘unpleasant’ sensation that provokes the urge to scratch and it’s the most common of all the skin diseases in pets. What causes Pruritus? … Continue reading


Need Flea Treatment? Get an extra month Free

Frontline Special. Buy a 6 month pack -  Get 1 Month Free Seems like Winter’s a great time to snap up a great deal on flea prevention for your pet. Frontline is running a special promotion where if you buy … Continue reading


The Hidden Dangers of Shopping Online for Your Pet’s Medications

don’t try to solve your pet’s problems online Strange topic for an online pet pharmacy I hear you say. After all – don’t we try and encourage people to buy our products? Well Yes and No. First of all – … Continue reading


3 types of Parasite Protection – One tasty Tablet.

Introducing – Panoramis It’s the combination you’ve been looking for: Kills Fleas – FAST Prevents Heartworm Disease Treats and controls 3 out of the 4 common intestinal worms (Hookworm, Roundworm & Whipworm) In ONE TASTY TABLET. All you have to … Continue reading


What’s the difference between a Medicated Shampoo and a Normal Pet Shampoo?

Normal Shampoo – the dirty dog In a nutshell – a normal shampoo is used just for cleaning your pet’s skin and coat. It’s what you use for regular baths when there is no evidence of any skin problems. In … Continue reading


Bloated tummy and smelly poo?

Your Dog Could be Lacking Sufficient Digestive Enzymes Does your dog sometimes show signs of abdominal discomfort, have occasional bad breath or a vomit or pass smelly gas? It could be your dog is missing some vital enzymes in his … Continue reading


Which Monthly Spotton for Fleas?

Advantage or Frontline Plus – Compare and Decide When it comes to flea control – a lot of people know about Frontline Plus and Advantage but still always ask us – Which one is better? The answer is – neither. … Continue reading


Rotational Worming for Your Horse Made Easy

how to avoid worm resistance in your horse – If you own a horse, you probably know about the importance of rotating your horse wormers to avoid worms building up resistance to the product. If you’re like most people, you … Continue reading


What are Generic Medications?

Generics = Same Ingredients = Same Results = Big Savings You’ve probably heard a lot about “Generic” medications for humans lately. You might even have experienced being asked by your pharmacist whether you wanted the “house” brand in preference to … Continue reading



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