Want to Win a Canny Collar for Your Dog?

Does your dog  make walking on the lead a real nightmare?

Stop Dog pulling on LeashIf so – we need you.

Help us Road Test the CANNY COLLAR and Win!

We ‘re real keen to get some before and after videos (yes videos) of dogs behaving badly on a leash or other walking tool and seeing how they respond if the Canny Collar is used instead.

Although we’ve sold quite a number of them so far – AND received some great feedback from relieved pet parents, we’d love to document some of these happy endings for others to see. (Unfortunately our clinic clients are a little camera shy and have suggested we ask someone else!)

The Proposition

If you happen to have one of those UNRULY dogs AND you’d like to test run the Canny Collar to see if it makes a difference AND you wouldn’t mind recording the BEFORE and AFTER experience and sending the video to us -  you get the Canny Collar for FREE – as a Thank You for helping us out!

All you have to do is:

  • Buy the Canny Collar from us
  • Make a short before and after video of you walking your dog - (Hopefully there’s a difference)
  • Upload the video onto our Facebook page
  • Email us with the details of the purchase and we’ll REFUND you the full amount – postage and all -real quick!

Fun, Quirky, Serious – we don’t mind.

Maximum of 3 Collars up for grabs – Gold, Silver and Bronze Winners!

Win  FREE Canny Collar for Your Dog


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  • Samaria 23.09.2013 at 6:20 pm

    My dog is just what u described- she wont stop pulling!!!!!!!!!!! is it possible I can test I 4 free?

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